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Lunar.Audit is a new member in the Lunar Software modules.
Lunar.Audit gives the possibility to plan and carry out audits via a tablet, notebook etc right on the workfloor.

Advantages of Lunar.Audit

  • Unlimited audit templates possible (5S, ISO, PPS etc).
  • Audit questions / specifications per audit template.
  • Audits per department and audit area. Each department can have different audit specifications per audit area.
  • Audit schedule, planning of audit cycles. Planning of auditors.
  • Paperless, input is done via tablet or notebook, direct in the audit area.
  • Preliminary results are directly accessible.
  • Audit finalizing can be done via desktop PC or Notebook.
  • Webbased database; audit results are accessable via Intranet, Extranet or Internet (Web front end needed).
  • Export to Excel, CSV. Printout on paper or PDF possible.
  • Finalized audits can be presented on the workfloor via Lunar.Teamboard.

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